Mantra: "All of the power I need to create a life I love is inside me."

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Chakra: Balances all chakras, but particularly good with the Heart, Crown & Third-Eye. 

Color: Deep dark green, glassy with distinct honey, or air bubble inclusions. 


A little history about Moldavite and how it was created and when it was found...

Moldavite was formed 14.7 million yeas ago when a meteorite struck the Earth in South Germany.

The intense heat and pressure of the impact caused the Earth and meteorite materials to fuse forming this green Tektite we now know as Moldavite. The natural materials solidified in the air and landed in what is now the Czech Republic.

True and authentic Moldavite can only be found in Bohemia by the Moldau River of Czech Republic. Moldavite is an extremely rare and irreplaceable crystal that cannot be replicated which makes this beautiful green crystal so special.

Please know that the Moldavite crystal you will be getting is ethically sourced by a trusted miner and collector we work with and is 100% genuine Moldavite that comes directly from the Czech Republic.


Known as the stone of transformation and the stone of connectivity.

Tap into the cosmic world and the magic of Mother Earth with Moldavite, a rare crystal that allows love to flow deeply through your soul. Your love story is written in the stars with this mysterious, magical and beautiful green crystal. 

Moldavite activates your Heart chakra and attracts cosmic love and abundance into your life.

The translucent forest green colors wins your heart and spirit in special ways beyond your imagination. 

Moldavite is also a powerful stone for meditation and dream work, as well as increasing sensitivity, intuition and telepathy.

One of the best crystal combinations with Moldavite are Herkimer Diamonds. Both share many of the same balancing properties, helping you to feel comfortable, find direction and inner peace. These two crystals together aids with fulfilling your visions and dreams. 

Wearing Moldavite allows its energies to remain with you wherever you go.

Bring cosmic love into your life with Moldavite. 


  • Size: Moldavite Crystal measures approx. between 15x10mm - 20x10mm. 
  • Weight: Each Moldavite range between .92-1.50 grams, pricing is based upon weight and size. 
  • You choose! Sold as a one of kind piece with pictures shown of the actual Moldavite crystals. 
  • Photographs of the Moldavites were taken to the best of our ability. There are no filters or photo enhancements. Each photo were taken with natural lighting both outside and inside to best showcase the raw beauty of each Moldavite.
  • Wrap of the Moldavite crystal will be similar to the photos shown. Please note that each wrap will have a slight different variation since it will not be the exact crystal.
  • Metal Options: 14k gold fill (14/20) or .925 sterling silver.
  • Chain Length: 18" with a 2" extender. 
  • Chain Options: Standard cable chain, Baby Herkimer Rosary ChainBead Chain, Herkimer Diamond Chain, and Gemstone Rosary Chain.
  • See instructions below for Gemstone Rosary Chain option. 
  • Additional questions or custom requests? Please e-mail us at


  • If you prefer to have your crystal wrapped only at the top and not around the crystal as shown, please be sure to note this below. 

Gemstone Rosary Chain for Moldavite Crystal Instructions:

1.) Select Gemstone Rosary from the Chain Style dropdown before adding to cart.

2.) Click here to view our Crystal Pairing Guide with Moldavite.

3.) Pick one Gemstone from this guide and type your gemstone choice below for us to create and customize your Gemstone Rosary Chain.

MOLDAVITE WEIGHT (based on grams)

1.) 1.5g - SOLD

2.) 1.6g - SOLD

3.) 1.1g - SOLD

4.) 0.6g - SOLD

5.) 0.9g - SOLD

6.) 0.6g

    Below are some tips and tricks in finding your necklace, bracelet and anklet size:

    For Necklaces:

    1. Choose where you would like your coin or pendant on your chest.
    2. Take a piece of string like twine, or floss if you don't have that and hold this around your neck at your desired length. 
    3. Take the string, then measure it with a ruler or tape measure.


    For Bracelets:

    1. Take a piece of string like twine, or floss if you don't have other string forms and gold this around your wrist on where you would normally wear your bracelet or where you would like your bracelet.
    2. Then take the string and measure this with a ruler or tape measure. 
    3. Please be sure to measure at least a 1/2 size up if you are working with a bracelet that may have larger beads, as larger beads will shrink the size of your bracelet.

     ***If you have a fabric measurer, this works fantastic for finding your desired size for necklaces, bracelets and anklets.***

    For Anklets:

    Measure circumference approx. 2 inches above the ankle joint, then add 1 inch. 

     Anklet Size Inches
    S 7.2”-8.4"
    M 8.4”-9.6”



    For Kids & Necklaces:   

    *If you are purchasing a necklace for kids, please note their size in notes before check out. 

     Age Necklace Size
    0-4 years 10"-11"
    4-8 years 11"-13"
    8-12 years
    Adult 16"

    For Kids & Bracelets:

    *If you are purchasing a bracelet for kids that's smaller than 5", please note their size in notes before check out. 

     Age Bracelet Size
    0-12 months
    4 ½” – 5”
    1-4 years
    5″ – 5 ½”
    4-7 years
    5 ½” – 6″
    7-10 years
    6” – 6 ¼”



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