Do you currently own Moldavite? If so, we've put together a few mantras for you to help you manifest your intentions...

  • I live in a state of balance, gracefulness and gratitude. Because of this, I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.
  • All of the power I need to create a life I love is inside me.
  • I am lucky in love and lucky in life. 
  • I surrender to love and allow the universe to guide me to the path that's meant for me.
  • Today, I awaken my consciousness and see things from a greater perspective. 
  • I am ready to walk my true path in life.
  • My heart is open to authentic love with myself and everyone else around me.
  • I am one with Earth and with the Universe.
  • I have faith in destiny and love.
  • I find true love from the stars above.
  • The high vibrations of my Moldavite allows me to connect with my Higher Self.
  • I live life full of love, happiness, abundance and prosperity.
  • Today, I glow brighter than the bursting sun. 
  • My heart chakra is open and activated. My self-love, love of others and attraction of love flows freely. 
  • I open myself up to the transformation and I invoke the manifestation of my highest destiny. 
  • My heart and my spirit is free.
  • I fulfill my visions and my dreams with an open heart.
  • Love flows deeply through my soul. 
  • I let go of negativity and anything that no longer serves me to make space for positivity, true love and happiness. 
  • I feel the limitless nature of all life and unlimited potentials and possibilities. 
  • I am creative and prosperous. 
  • I open myself up to the transformation and invoke the manifestation of my highest destiny.
  • I allow the power of light to transform my life.
  • I open myself to spiritual transformation and other worldly wisdom. 
  • I feel my consciousness expand with the energy of the Universe. 

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The meaning of crystals lies within her raw beauty and energy.