"The Emerald" that fell from the sky.

Moldavite is a high vibrational stone that holds amazing and cosmic energy. This rare and ancient stone of meteoric origin can be used for transformational experiences. 

Combining Moldavite with other gemstones can enhance the metaphysical benefits. Below we've gathered some of the top crystal combinations with Moldavite. 

1.) Herkimer Diamonds —

When connecting Moldavite with Herkimer Diamond, these two rare gemstones offset the extraterrestrial qualities of Moldavite and the grounding qualities of the Earth’s energies of Herkimer Diamonds together. 

Both are high vibrational stones that enhances the visual aspect of meditation. The balancing properties between these two helps to find direction and attain inner peace. 

Moldavite and Herkimer Diamonds are both rare and precious high vibrational stones. With the extraterrestrial energy from Moldavite and the grounding of the Earth’s energies from Herkimer Diamonds, connecting the two helps you to find direction, feel comfortable and inner peace in your life. 

When these two beautiful crystals and energies come together you will manifest your visions and dreams. 

2.) Rose Quartz —

Together, both Rose Quartz and Moldavite form a serene yin and yang with one another. Rose Quartz is a gentle lover that nurtures you through transformation. Use these two together when you are working on self-love and also to attract a soulmate who compliments you. 

3.) Garnet —

Garnet and Moldavite work together as intensive healers. Pairing the two opens the heart chakra and allows you to heal and move forward from any past heartbreaks. Pair with our Red Garnet gemstones to revitalize sexuality and attract a romantic lover. 

4.) Amethyst —

Open up your crown chakra and connect Moldavite and Amethyst, the two most spiritual crystals in the galaxy to help guide you on your soul's path. Great for meditation and channeling. 

5.) Citrine —

Moldavite, the master of manifestation, and Citrine, the bringer of prosperity. Bringing these two together will help guide you to a life full of abundance. 

6.) Jade —

Fortune, happiness and success are all yours when you combine Jade with Moldavite. 

7.) Moonstone —

Moonstone glistens and glows of moon energy, while Moldavite glows of bright star energy. These two combined is an astrological match made in heaven. This combo enhances your intuitive psychic skills. It's also recommended to charge these two crystals under the night sky to gain its full powers. 

8.) Aquamarine —

The water and calming energies of Aquamarine help balance the fire elements of Moldavite. Combing the two activates the throat chakra, and help facilitate communication with the universe. Moldavite and Aquamarine together will align your divine truth. 

9.) Peridot —

Peridot is known as the stone of lightness and positivity that brings love into your life. Since Peridot opens, cleanses, and activates the heart chakra, Peridot and Moldavite acts as a powerful combination to help you open your heart and mind to new opportunities.


The meaning of crystals lies within her raw beauty and energy.