Growing up, my family and I dealt with extremely difficult challenges both financially and emotionally. By the time I had reached high school, I had witnessed my father regularly abusing my mother mentally and physically. Eventually leaving my mother to raise both my brother and I as a single parent. Not only was our family abandoned, but our abusive father left us detached and heartbroken.

With those hard times it was a struggle to balance my life while getting through high school, making friends, getting good grades, and keeping myself busy with clubs and sports. I did everything possible to make my life seem somewhat normal. I knew that with everything that went on, I was the only one that could make a difference in mine and my family’s life. I knew that I needed to do everything I could to make it through college and be successful. I wanted to head in a direction that was going to make a positive impact for our long term future.

As a single mother, my mom was forced to make sacrifices for my brother and I. She spent every last penny she had to help get me through college. She inspired me to be the woman I am today, and she was the one person who I looked up to the most. My mom inspires me everyday through her strength, compassion, selflessness, and unconditional love. I am truly blessed and thankful to have a mother like this.

In the past it was difficult for me to share my story with people. It always made me emotional in a way that made me feel uncomfortable. I’ve now grown up to accept the past and live in the present moment with hopes that I can be part of making a difference in the lives of single mothers and children in this crazy world.

In light of this, all of my jewelry is handcrafted with love and made with the inspiration of my mother’s strength and our love for the ocean. The first piece of jewelry my mom gave me as a child was her beautiful pink pearl necklace. It’s a sentimental piece that I still carry today. It’s also a reminder of the most precious moments I shared with my mom while watching the ocean sunsets together, searching for the perfect seashell to add to my collection, and listening to the ocean waves.  This time together was our outlet and escape from all the bad things that was going on in the world. It was a time for us to reflect on the good things and appreciate all that we had. We felt present, and we felt a strong sense of peacefulness and mindfulness.

My hope is that every child gets an opportunity to have the love, support, and empowerment my mom has showed me. Children are our future, and I strongly believe that we need to make a difference in their lives now. It’s never too late. I hope that all single mothers and their children know that anything is possible if you put your mind and heart into it. I want them to know that there’s support out there to get them through those difficult struggles. I hope my jewelry will inspire you to help support all the single moms and their children, and it’s also my way of giving back what my mother has given to me.                                   

To all the single moms and their children out there, we stand with you.