Fluorite is a stabilizing stone and highly protective.

This stone absorbs and neutralizes stress and negative energy. It aids with decision making by giving us self-confidence and increasing our powers of concentration. 

Fluorite is a grounding stone that encourages positivity and harmonizes your spiritual energies.

The Fluorite crystal properties come from its distinctive fluorescent light that features different colors when exposed to UV rays. 

Blue Fluorite, a throat chakra healer. The soft blue hues, and calming blue energy of this stone is about spiritual awakening and rational thinking.

It’s a wonderful stone to own and to wear on a day when you need to enhance your own mental clarity and shine from within ever so brightly. 

Blue also helps with your creative visualization, and soothing/calming your nerves. 

This magical crystal and its high vibrational energy helps boosts your positive spirit and encourages you to let go of your inhibitions and dream big. 

Say goodbye to all things negative and make room for balance, joy and harmony by adding Fluorite to your collection. 

  • Terminated Blue Fluorite Crystal measures approx. 22x7mm. 
  • Shown with our Bead Chain and our CZ Butterfly Charm. This necklace does not come with this charm, please click here to view our charm selection. 
  • Available in both 14k gold filled or sterling silver. 

*All stones/crystals are chosen intuitively and not every two are the same. Each stone offers it's own uniqueness and beauty from it's natural/raw form. 


  • Customize your necklace with our following chain styles:  Standard, Oval, Satellite, Gemstone Rosary and Bead Chain.
  • For the Gemstone Rosary option, please note below which Gemstone you would like for us to add or allow us to choose intuitively for you. We choose based on what we feel would go best with this Crystal pendant. Click here to view your Gemstone options. 
  • Click here to view and see explanation of our Chain Styles.
  • Length options:  16” or 18” with a lobster clasp closure and an adjustable 2” extension, finished with a chosen crystal bead.
  • Need help with sizing? Click on our Size Guide below. 
  • Available in 14k gold fill (14/20) or .925 sterling silver.

Below are some tips and tricks in finding your necklace, bracelet and anklet size:

For Necklaces:

  1. Choose where you would like your coin or pendant on your chest.
  2. Take a piece of string like twine, or floss if you don't have that and hold this around your neck at your desired length. 
  3. Take the string, then measure it with a ruler or tape measure.


For Bracelets:

  1. Take a piece of string like twine, or floss if you don't have other string forms and gold this around your wrist on where you would normally wear your bracelet or where you would like your bracelet.
  2. Then take the string and measure this with a ruler or tape measure. 
  3. Please be sure to measure at least a 1/2 size up if you are working with a bracelet that may have larger beads, as larger beads will shrink the size of your bracelet.

 ***If you have a fabric measurer, this works fantastic for finding your desired size for necklaces, bracelets and anklets.***

For Anklets:

Measure circumference approx. 2 inches above the ankle joint, then add 1 inch. 

 Anklet Size Inches
S 7.2”-8.4"
M 8.4”-9.6”



For Kids & Necklaces:   

*If you are purchasing a necklace for kids, please note their size in notes before check out. 

 Age Necklace Size
0-4 years 10"-11"
4-8 years 11"-13"
8-12 years
Adult 16"

For Kids & Bracelets:

*If you are purchasing a bracelet for kids that's smaller than 5", please note their size in notes before check out. 

 Age Bracelet Size
0-12 months
4 ½” – 5”
1-4 years
5″ – 5 ½”
4-7 years
5 ½” – 6″
7-10 years
6” – 6 ¼”



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